Quote of the Week:

Client: What’s that?

Me: That is your piriformis

Client: Piri – goodness.

Entrepreneur, rainmaker and lover of life benefits from weekly massages

I have been seeing Christina Weber for therapeutic massage for the past five years on a weekly basis. In my youth, I abused my body by participating in high impact sports which I am paying the price for now. I am very picky when it comes to massage therapists. I look for more healers than massage therapists and I would most definitely classify Christina as a healer.

She has helped me enormously with pain relief in areas where Christina concentrated on stiff muscles and could identify specific problem areas, loosening them and increasing blood circulation. I found her healing style offered me temporarily relief pain from my sports injuries. I also notice that I did not need as much pain medication if I got massages regularly from Christina.

I am a business owner and deal with a lot of stress. I found that getting regular massages from Christina are an effective stress- management technique that leaves me feeling totally relaxed.

Needless to say, I highly recommend Christina. Do yourself a favor and get a weekly or bi-weekly massage. I think you will find doing so will allow you to take time out for yourself for a pleasurable, relaxing and healing activity.

Thom King

Quote of the Week:

“I’ve been getting massages for 8 years and that is the first time I’ve felt that release.”  (Referring to subscapularis.)

Dancer has never felt better

Christina Weber’s massage techniques are a huge part of why I have never felt better in my body then I do today, and why I live a pain-free life. As a person who teaches movement, I require a lot from my body. I started seeing Christina every two weeks several years ago. Because of this regularity, I reap huge results and benefits from her massage techniques. Christina is not only a very intuitive healer, she also understands the body both medically and anatomically. This makes a big difference and it is why she is not like any other massage therapist I have worked with in the past. Christina Weber is simply the best and I am so grateful for her healing hands and thoughtful techniques.

– Laure Redmond
Host of Feel Good Naked Radio
Creator of Stretch Appeal

Nike Employee Learns the Value of Regular Massage

I would classify myself as someone that is pretty frugal, so typically I’m not one to spring for something like a massage (something I would classify as a luxury). However my friend purchased me a gift certificate to see Christina as a Christmas gift. A month or so went by and I finally decided to go see Christina for a massage, and it was the best massage I’ve ever had. Ever since I’ve been going at least twice a month, and highly recommending her to anyone in search for a quality massage therapist.  –Tyler A.

Pain Relief for Surfer

I had the pleasure of receiving a massage from Christina Weber that gave me an amazing amount of relief from chronic pain I had been suffering from for months. This relief was much needed and timely so was a real nice surprise since so many other pursuits were unsuccessful. Thank you Christina for a relaxing experience with profound results from your massage.  — Nick J. Surfer, Hawaii


After a weekend class that left me with migraine like tension in my neck and jaw, I scheduled a massage session with Christina.  She was a miracle worker!  I walked out of the session feeling awake and able to tackle the week ahead pain free!  I would recommend her to anyone!

Jennifer H. — Recruiter

Very Pregnant, Beautiful Mother and Life Coach

“There is something special about Christina’s massage. I’ve had three from her now and every time I feel so relaxed it puts me to sleep. This has never happened to me before and I’m no stranger to massage! Her pressure is perfect (not sure how to describe it but she doesn’t go too deep yet it’s not too soft either) and she hits all the right spots. I never experience a moment of discomfort. The experience is pure relaxation. Afterwards my body feels energized and relaxed at the same time. Seriously, I feel very fortunate to have met Christina. She has a gift. If I were Lady Gaga I would take her on tour with me :-)”
– Amy P., Life Coach

Photographer with Chronic Lower Back Pain

“I have chronic lower back pain and needed a Professional Massage.  I went to see Christina Weber who is a LMT working out of the Sanctuary in NW Portland, a Wellness Healing Center. She has worked on my lower and upper back muscles on several occasions. She is careful not to go too deep and makes sure I am not uncomfortable. She finds the problem muscle areas by herself (without my direction) and eliminates my discomfort. The center she works in is an old house near Good Samaritan Hospital. It is very clean and comfortable. There are many other health professionals using the same facility. It is a pleasant place to go to! Christina is very professional and is an excellent listener.”
-Roger A, Photographer

Student with Chronic Shoulder Tension and Blocked Heart Energy

“I have received massages all of my life, in numerous places throughout the world and none have come close to Christina’s massage.  Her ability to heal on an energetic, emotional and physical level is truly a gift.  Christina has helped me clear numerous energetic and physical blocks through her intuition and talent.  This includes releasing chronic tension in my neck and shoulder, opening my heart and allowing love to enter into my life.  She is an incredible goddess of light and a gifted healer.”

— Kristina G, Occupational Therapy Student